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Distribution : www.divergence-images.com
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Instagram: @Corentinfohlen

Freelance photographer distributed by Divergence and working on assignment for:
The New York Times, Le Monde magazine “M” , Paris Match, Libération, Stern, Polka Magazine, Le Monde, le Figaro, le Point, le Nouvel Observateur, le JDD, l’Express, Marianne, Le Temps, Die Zeit, la Vie, les Inrockuptibles, Afrique Magazine, le Pèlerin, Causette, La Croix, Phosphore, Le Parisien Magazine…

Institutionals assignments : Handicap International, the Raoul Follereau Fondation, UNHCR…

Born on september 27th 1981 in France. During my studies in art and drawing in Belgium in 2003, I discovered photography. A couple of years later, I started to work for a small photo agency, Wostok Press, and I covered the political and social news in Paris. After being distributed by the agencies Gamma and Abaca Press, I joined the association Fedephoto to distribute my work independently, on international news: elections in Afghanistan, earthquake in Haiti, the Red Shirt uprising in Bangkok, the Kosovo independence, conflict in North Kivu, Southern Sudan independence, Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya, the first free elections in Tunisia and Egypt, the famine in the Horn of Africa… before taking a step back, and guide my work to longer stories and a reflection more documentary.
I am attached to the strong, committed human histories and which give to see a situation far from the expected one.

Since 2012 I launched into a long-term work in Haiti: I try to show another image of the country, far from the clichés often associated with the island, with a reflection on the consequences of international domination. After 19 journeys in the country, this work culminated in the book “HAITI”, released in January 2017, edited by Light Motiv.

Multi-awarded: two WORLD PRESS PHOTO (2011 and 2016), VISA D’OR of Young Reporter, SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS…


Since december 2012, distribued by DIVERGENCE: www.divergence-images.com
2006-2012: distributed by FEDEPHOTO Association ( for France ) and Studio X ( for Germany )
2011: distributed by LIGHTMEDIATION ( except in France )
2009: distributed by SIPA PRESS Agency ( only for USA )
2007-2008: distributed by ABACA PRESS Agency
2006: distributed by GAMMA Agency
Novembre 2004-2006: photographer in WOSTOK PRESS Agency ( Paris )

2001-2003: School of drawing and comics in St Luc (Bruxelles)


# April: 2nd place in the category “Architecture” at the SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS with my work “MORNE-À-CABRI”
# July: 1st Prix Maison Blanche of Marseille, with my work “Morne-à-Cabri”
# January: Selected by the Festival de la Jeune photographie Contemporaine CIRCULATION(S), with my work “Morne-à-Cabri”
13 December: Award AFD-Libération with my work in HAÏTI “Les possibilités d’une île”
Avril: Bronze medal CHIPP award, Disaster and Disease New singles category, with a picture about malaria in Uganda
February: 2nd WORLD PRESS PHOTO, spot news singles category – (demonstration against terrorism in Paris)
June 3: 1st Prize of Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest , current issues , single ( CAR refugees in Congo) / 2nd prize in the category Top News , single ( Maidan )
Nominated by Bruno De Cock for the PRIX PICTET 2015 with the story “No Allah, no master”
April: 2nd place in the Contemporary category from the SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS with the report “a humanitarian crisis”
May: Documentary Winner of the HUMANITY PHOTO AWARDS (HPA) for the story: “Canal: a village in South Sudan”
April: Award photography of the Year, PHOTOGRAPHIE DE L’ANNÉE 2014 (APPPF)
May: 4 pictures selected among the “Best Photo of the Year” in the KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO, 2013
March: 1st Prize category “Humanist”, PHOTOGRAPHIES DE L’ANNÉE 2012 ( APPPF )
March: 1st Prize category “Sport”, PHOTOGRAPHIES DE L’ANNÉE 2012 ( APPPF )
October: Prix International de la Parole Libre- Club Presse Marseille ( “Elections in Haiti” )
March: 1st Prize category “Reportage”, PHOTOGRAPHIES DE L’ANNÉE (APPPF) -( “The Final Battle of the Red Shirts” )
February: 2nd Prize Spot News Stories – WORLD PRESS 2011 – ( “The Final Battle of the Red Shirts” )
November: Grand Prix Calderon du Festival du SCOOP d’ANGERS: ( “The Final Battle of the Red Shirts” )
September: VISA D’ OR of the Young Reporter at the FESTIVAL VISA POUR l’IMAGE, Perpignan, FRANCE.
September: 2nd PRIX GEORGES BENDRIHEM ( AFP Award ) for the European political photo of the Year



# Collective exhibition (World Press Photo 2016) organized by UNESCO World Press Freedom Day, in The Hague, Netherlands – october

# Exhibition “My Uncle” at BARROBJECTIF Festival – September 19 – 27 – Barro

# Projection “My Uncle” at Festival BOUTOGRAPHIES – May 2 – 24 – Montpellier

# Exhibition at Les Photographiques Festival, of the series “MY UNCLE (…is a genius)”, Le Mans – March 14 mars – April 5th.


# Exhibition at the Salon de la Photo in Paris with the series “MY UNCLE (…is a genius)” – november 2019

# Collective exchibition with my work done for the RAOUL FOLLEREAU Foundation at the Mairie of the 15th arrondissement de Paris – February 11th till 16th.

# Exhibition “THE VILLAGE” at the UPP gallery, Paris – January 15th till February 11th

# Exhibition “THE VILLAGE” the Vert-Le-Grand mediatheque – du January 12th – 26th.


# Collective Exhibition and projection d’”Haïti, les possibilités d’une île” during Brassage Photographique, from 17 June to 17 September 2017, Abbaye de Villers-la-Ville, BELGIUM.
# Exhibition “MORNE A CABRI” to Moscow during festival CIRCULATION(S), exported in RUSSIA – avril 2017
# Exhibition “MORNE A CABRI” to the 7th Festival CIRCULATION(S) in 104, Paris – 20th January to 5th March
# Exhibition “HAÏTI” to the FISHEYE GALLERY – 18 January to 1st March
# Exhibition “Ni Allah ni Maître” to the Grange aux Belles, Paris 19ème – 22 November to 29 December, 2016
# Exhibition “Une enfance réfugiée” grilles de la Tour Saint Jacques, Paris 4ème – 14 November to 7 December, 2016
# Exhibition of my story “Karnaval” at the Festival BARROBJECTIF, Barro, FRANCE – 17th to 25th September, 2016
# Projection of my story “No Allah no master”, at the first Festival of Couthures – 31st July, 2016
# Exhibition about the story Saint Jacques de Compostelle, with the revue 6 MOIS, in the Médiathèque Intercommunale André Labarrère in Pau, FRANCE – from 23rd June to 27th August
# Exhibition in the French Institut of Port-au-Prince, HAÏTI – from 2nd to the 18th December
# Exhibition of the story ” No God, no master ” in the first edition of the Festival WIDE ANGLE in Epinal, FRANCE – November 14 to 28, 2015
# Exhibition of the story “Une vie de réfugiés” at the BARROBJECTIF festival, barro, FRANCE, from 19th to 27th september, 2015
# Exhibition of the story ” In the name of Haiti ” at the Contemporary Art Center for PARENTHESE 2015. Saint Restitut , FRANCE – from September 7, 2015
# Projection of my story ” Haiti , the other country ” at the VISA POUR L’IMAGE FESTIVAL in Perpignan, FRANCE – September 3, 2015
# Collective exhibition at the Moscow Museum at the price STENIN ANDREI INTERNATIONAL PRESS PHOTO CONTEST, Moscow, RUSSIA – 1st September 2015
# Exhibition of the story “Saut d’eau” at the DAX PHOTO FESTIVAL- Dax, FRANCE, from 6th June to 26th July, 2015
# Exhibition at Festival VISA POUR L’IMAGE at the Visa d’Or Daily Press category, for the newspaper Liberation. Perpignan, FRANCE – September 2014
# Exhibition of the story “In the name of Haïti” in festival BARROBJECTIF – Barro, FRANCE, 20th to 28th september 2014
# Exhibition of the story “Centrafrique: un conflit larvé” at the Rencontres d’Arles in “la nuit de l’année” – Arles, FRANCE. July, 2014
# Exhibition of the story ” Ces rebuts de la société” at the photothèque Rémi Ochlik in the city Lézignan-Corbières, FRANCE, 6th June to 5th July 2014
# Exhibition of the story “Le Quotidien des Reporters” at the Festival International de Dessin de Presse de Virton – Virton, BELGIQUE, 26th May to 2nd June
# Collective exhibition “Shift” at the THIRD FLOOR GALLERY about the Ukrainian revolution in 2014 – Cardiff, ANGLETERRE, 2nd May to 22nd June 2014
# Projection of the story ” War is Over ” at the Rencontres photographiques de Montpellier / Boutographies – Montpellier, FRANCE, 17th May – 1st June
# Exhibition on the problems of reconstruction in Haiti, during Photographic Encounters OEIL URBAIN – Corbeil-Essonnes, April 4 to May 18, 2014
# Exhibition at the 15th International Meeting of Newspaper Comics (RIDEP) on the lives of reporters – Carquefou, FRANCE, from 4 to 9 February, 2014
# Exhibition of the story on Haïti, at the Bar 61, at the launch of the site and concept of EPIC-STORIES – Paris, FRANCE, from 14th au 28th February, 2014
# Exhibition of the assignment “Nos Frères” for the Fondation Raoul Follereau – Lescar, FRANCE, 21st January to 3rd February 2014
# Projection during the ANGKOR PHOTO FESTIVAL of the story ” Dadaab, a camp at the gates of famine ” – Siem Reap, CAMBODGE, 23-30 November 2013
# Projection of the story ” In the name of Haïti” at VISA POUR L’ IMAGE during the collective projection of the magazine 6 MOIS – Perpignan, FRANCE – 5th September 2013
# Exhibition at the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Paray-Le-Monial about the assignment “Nos Frères” for the Fondation Raoul Follereau – Paray-Le-Monial, FRANCE, September 2013
# Projection durant LA NUIT DE LA PHOTO ( ” The women minesweeper in Mozambique ” ) – Vannes, FRANCE – 19 July 2013
# Collective projection as part of the “100 best photos of 2012” at KOLGA Festival – Tbilisi, GEORGIA, May 2013
# Projection of reports ( Haïti/ Mozambique ) during LA NUIT DE LA PHOTO in Vannes- FRANCE, July 6th 2012
# Collective exhibition in Marseille, ” The Arab Spring, 2011 ” – FRANCE, March 2012
# Collective exhibition in Bastia, ” The Arab Spring, 2011 ” – FRANCE, 10th January 2012
# Exhibition “Haïti, one year after” at the FESTIVAL DU SCOOP de Lille (Bruay-La-Buissiere) -FRANCE, December 2011
# Projection during the 7th ANGKOR PHOTO FESTIVAL – “Revolution in Egypt” – CAMBODGE, November 2011
# Collective exhibition in VISA pour l’Image, “The Arab Spring, selected by Paris Match” – FRANCE, September 2011
# Collective projection in VISA pour l’Image, “Revolution in Egypt” – FRANCE, September 2011
# Collective exhibition in Mairie de Bethune – FRANCE, June 2011
# Projection during LES RENCONTRES D’ ARLES – Projections Nocturnes- reports in Haïti for the french newspaper Libération – FRANCE, Juillet 2011
# Projection of several reports during LA NUIT DE LA PHOTO in Orange- FRANCE, June 11th 2011
# International exhibitions with the WORLD PRESS PHOTO ” The Final Battle of the Red Shirts” – 2011
# Collective exhibition “Peurs sur la ville” -MONNAIE DE PARIS – FRANCE, 2011
# Collective exhibition Maison europeenne de la Photographie ( MEP ): “16th Grand Prix Paris Match 2010” –
FRANCE, Paris Nov-Dec 2010
# Projection – during LE MOIS DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE in Paris, Les Coups de Coeur de la Presse, organized by Fet’Art: “The final battle of the Red Shirts” selected by Pierre Langlade/Nouvel Observateur – FRANCE, 4th nov. 2010
# Exhibition at VISA pour l’Image: “Haïti/ Bangkok” – Perpignan, FRANCE, september 2010
# Projection at VISA pour l’Image: “One year of news by a young photographer”- Perpignan, FRANCE, 3th september 2009


# MON ONCLE, edition Photopaper (2020)

# ONLY COLORED, edition Photopaper (2020)

# LE VILLAGE , edition Le Bec en l’Air (2018)

# LARDON 1ER , edition Photopaper (2017)

# KARNAVAL JACMEL, edition Light Motiv (2017)

# HAÏTI, éditions Light Motiv (2017)

# TÉMOIN(S) book autoedition, print limited (2011)